TruSens Air Purifier

Getting clean air is becoming more and more important as time goes by. With air pollution still an ongoing problem all over the world, the best ways to enjoy clean air is either you go out in into deep country where the trees are or create an enclosed area of clean air in the home. For the latter, you can always make use of an air purifier like the TruSens Air Purifier.

The TruSens Air Purifier can help make indoor air in your home cleaner and free from airborne germs. It comes with a 360-degree DuPont filtration system that can capture different pollutants such as microscopic particles, allergens, and VOC gases. It cleans the air using 4 levels of purification. It also includes ultraviolet sterilization that destroys germs and viruses that may build up in the filter. This prevents it from recirculating into the air.

The TruSens Air Purifier also makes use of PureDirect technology that splits clean air into two air streams. This enables the delivery of clean air more efficiently throughout the room. This helps avoid areas with little to no air circulation within the room.

Not only that, the TruSens Air Purifier also comes with  a SensorPod, a separate unit that monitors and makes readings of air quality inside the home. The data is then sent to the air purifier to ensure that you enjoy clean air all around the home and not just near the air purifier.

The TruSens Air Purifier comes in Small (without the SensorPod), Medium, and Large models, depending on how large your home may be. Prices start at US$149.

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