How to Clean Your Laptop

Providing a certain amount of care for your gadgets and devices such as your laptop, even if not as often as possible, may help it run faster and look presentable.

Your laptop does not come dust-, debris-, dirt-, or even bug-proof, you may as well do some cleaning measures yourself.

Most often than not, the underlying problem of a laptop not operating efficiently is that it is dirty and unkempt. Below are ways on how you can clean your laptop:

  • Apply a cleaning solution to a piece of paper towel. Wipe the screen of your laptop with it.
  • The consistency of the paper should at least be soft so as not to scratch the screen.
  • Wipe below the small open areas of your laptop. This will take out the dust and dirt.
  • Next, get a swab of cotton. Apply the cleaning solution.
  • Use the cotton swab to wipe the grooves of the keys. It is best that you go over the keys then go for the grooves.
  • If not in use, cover your laptop with a towel. This can help in preventing dust from forming on the surface.

Additional Tips

  • Do not spray the cleaning solution directly to your laptop.
  • Household cleaners must not be used in cleaning laptops.
  • A damp cloth will do as a primary cleaning tool.
  • Compressed air can be used to take off dirt embedded in the keyboard grooves.
  • Take your laptop to a repair center if there has been a build-up of dirt inside.

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