Choosing a Computer for a College Student

Most often, students bound for college look for laptops that they think is best for them. For them, it is a matter of preference. But to some, it is what works best.

College students, along with their parents, are always in the search for laptops that will be more capable of taking up all the load they get while on classes. In other words, aside from possessing heavy-duty qualities, it has high-performance as well.

Laptops or desktops in accordance with the preferences

In most cases, college students tend to have their own mindset on their own preferences when it comes to their favorite brand of laptop or desktop PC.

Application-wise, they always like such gizmos that can put on several programs at a time. So they tend to go for high-end brands like Dell. However, if they are going to choose between a laptop and a notebook, it will be wiser for them to go for the laptop PC. That is because for only $500, they can have their own laptop.

Going for Mac laptops

Usually, portability becomes an issue as well for college students. That is why they tend to go for Mac Books. Not only do they think it looks cool, but they also believe in its efficiency.

If you are eager to shell out more than $1000, you can get your own MacBook Air. With its noteworthy processor, the core Intel Core i7 processor, it allows them to save more energy or and it has high-performance. That’s why they think it is the perfect choice for them.

However, for those who think that portability is not much of a concern, then they can go for the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro has a bigger memory and more storage than its counterpart, the MacBook Air.

It is true, there are several brands of laptops to choose from. So no matter how confusing it may be, you have to know what is best for you. Yet, as a note for the wise, whatever laptop you choose for college, the best things to consider are two things: portability and efficiency. That is because if a laptop is to be considered efficient, it has to put it’s being portable into good use.

Great options for students

HP Pavilion 14 is a great option for a student. It’s affordable and for the money, you can’t do better running Windows 10.

Dell Inspiration 14 (7000) has a 14-inch full HD screen, light build, and efficient processor make for a high-performance laptop with long battery life.

If money is not a problem,  the impressive Dell XPS 13 is an excellent laptop for a student today. It performs very well and a webcam is a great option for a student who loves vlogging and streaming.

You should also consider Dell’s XPS 15.  The screen is bigger than the XPS 13 and It’s better for long hours of work because of the larger screen.

Apple has been active in the education market for decades. If you like macOS and want excellent tech support, a MacBook is a good choice.  The MacBook Air is the most economical entry into Apple’s MacBook family.

The 15-inch Macbook Pro offers powerful specs. It’s excellent for graphic design or video production.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 offers great durability, long battery life, and an integrated stylus, it’s the best Chromebook option for students.

If you want a Windows laptop for school and do not want to spend a lot, the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is a great option. The Asus Vivobook Flip 14 offers a decent performance considering the price.

Image Source: Amazon, Dell, Apple

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