Sous Chef Prep Station

A  good cook needs to be organized when preparing all the ingredients and dishes to cook. Tools that will help make things more convenient like this Sous Chef Prep Station will be very useful in a busy kitchen indeed.

The Sous Chef Prep Station is a kitchen tool that will help cooks organize different ingredients for dishes in a more convenient way. Instead of the usual bowls that you need to set on the kitchen counter the best way you can, the Sous Chef Prep Station comes with compartments that help keep your different ingredients within reach and hidden conveniently to save up valuable kitchen space.

The top is designed to be a cutting board with containers to fill up with different ingredients. Two open-top containers are available for your most-used ingredients. There are also other containers hidden underneath the cutting board for other ingredients you already cut, diced, and sliced but will be saving for later dishes. There is also a scrap chute on one side where you can slide the undesirables clear and stored for later disposal.

The Sous Chef Prep Station is an easy way to make your prepping duties more convenient and less messy. It is made out of anti-bacterial bamboo with a total of six slides in and slides out BPA-free plastic containers.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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