HiMo H1 Folding E-Bike

When people travel around, they usually do not go far beyond their city or community for work or leisure. Most may find using a car more of a hassle when they just want to go around a block or two. In these cases, having a bike would suffice. And for those who prefer going the “last mile” of their daily commute, this new HiMo H1 Folding E-Bike will be an attractive option.

The new HiMo H1 Folding E-Bike offers two main features that make it an attractive short-travel option. First, it is an electric bike that comes with a 7,500 mAh battery that provides enough power to go for 30 kilometers at a top speed of 18 kmh.  

That is good enough to use for daily city commutes. It features a 180W brushless DC motor connected at the rear wheel to give a stable power system. The batteries are removable for easier recharging.

Another feature that makes the HiMo H1 Folding E-Bike ideal is that it is very portable and easy to store and carry since it is foldable. It comes with a durable A380 aluminum alloy frame to make it light yet tough. It weighs a total of 14.5 kg, light enough to carry around. When folded, it is even small enough to pack into a large backpack.

The HiMo H1 Folding E-Bike is now available at select online retailers for around USD700.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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