Top Websites For Selling Used Electronics

People are enamored with electronic gadgets. Keeping updated by having only the latest gadgets has become some sort of a hobby for many. One downside to this is that people tend to end up having their old electronic gadgets stored at home and gathering dust.

If you have many such gadgets around that you wish to let go, selling them online may be a great way of getting back some money from them. It is a better option than just throwing them to the trash, especially if they still function. Here are some of the top websites you can check out where you can sell your used electronics.


If you have an old iPhone or a Samsung smartphone that you no longer use, you can head on to Glyde to trade it in if you wish to buy a new iPhone. The website sells used iPhones on its site as well as accepts trade-ins. The website will provide you with a question and answer quiz regarding the gadget you wish to sell. It will then provide you with its trade-in value based on condition, model, carrier, charging quality, and even color.

Once you decide to trade-in your device, you will then be given a free shipping label as well as a code that you use to apply your store credit when you buy from Glyde. You also have an option to get cash for your device, which is often less than the strore credit amount you can get for it. You can be paid either via the Glyde credit, direct deposit, or Paypal.


If you have a lot of old electronic devices that still work but need to get rid of them, Decluttr may be the website you can visit. The site allows visitors to sell as well as buy all sorts of electronic devices, both old and new. You can search the website for whatever gadgets you are selling and then rate its condition if its Good, Poor, or Faulty. Decluttr will then provide a quote for it.

The site also features a basket where you can add up to 500 items. You can then see a total amount that Decluttr will pay for them. And when you confirm everything, you can then print off a free shipping label that you can attach to the box. You can then get paid via direct deposit or Paypal once they received your shipment. 


When you have a wide selection of old electronics that other websites may not include, then you can check out BuyBackWorld instead. This website offers to buy back over 30,000 different products. And in case you can’t find your gadget listed on the website, you can get a custom quote for it.

Like most trade-in websites, you are also given certain instructions and questions regarding the item you wish to sell and its condition. You are them provided with a shipping label that you can attach to the box where you store the gadgets you wish to sell. You can also request for a free shipping kit in case you do not have a box available. It includes a bubble wrap pack as well as a prepaid shipping label. You can get paid via Paypal or check.

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