Foldeat Modular Lunchbox

Packing your lunch should be easy! Life is already complicated, so let`s keep that easy with Foldeat!

Foldeat is a modular lunchbox that has 15 unique features smartly integrated. Packing and eating on the go have never been easier.

The FOLDEAT carry pack unfolds into a eating full-size eating mat and includes magnetic storage areas for cutlery and separate dip containers.

Foldeat comes with a unique set of containers designed with ergonomics in mind. Foldeat includes several modular square containers that can be stacked up to four. There are also a liquid container with a screw cap and small containers for dips, dressings, or snacks

The containers are made of Tritan, which is is a BPA-free plastic and have a foam layer to ensures a better thermal insulation and allows for the Liquidor container to be stackable when stored with the Fullor containers.

To find out more, check out on getfoldeat

Image Source: Kickstarter

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