Great Smart Home Devices

Building a smart home requires the use compatible smart gadgets that work together to enable improved automation and convenience for the residents. It should work as a system of different smart devices connected together to allow the functions needed in a truly smart home. With a lot of smart devices now available, it can be a challenge choosing the best ones that work well. Here are some of the great smart devices that you can try to include into your smart home system of devices.

Amazon Echo

The Echo is a popular smart Bluetooth speaker that works well with Amazon Alexa, that smart home assistant that allows you to control smart devices by the sound of your voice. With the Echo, you can take advantage of Alexa to help you fill the home with music with a voice command. It certainly would be a great addition to any smart home. 

Wyze Cam Pan

If watching over your home even while your away is an important thing, then having the Wyze Cam Pan is something worth considering. It is an indoor security cam that comes with a motion and sound sensor. It also comes with pan, tilt, and zoom features along with night vision. Users can also connect to it online via the home WiFi network and also use its two-way audio for interaction with people at home if you are away. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant and become a connected segment of the smart home.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Security in a smart home also needs to be updated. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect can help do just that. It is a door lock that comes with smart features. It connects to the home WiFi network and allows you to control and monitor your door from virtually anywhere. You can also lock and unlock your door in the same way. You can also keep track of who comes in and out of your home and get the notifications right from your mobile phone.  

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