Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera

Security cameras have become better nowadays in terms of video quality and added features. They are no longer just the outdated black and white video cameras that cover only a limited area. There are now more advanced cameras that can both provide better resolution videos and cover a larger area. There are now also models like the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera that users can control even from somewhere else.

Smart Security Camera

The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera comes with a number of versatile features that makes it more than just a typical indoor security camera. It rotates 360 degrees at a speed of 110 degrees/sec, comes with a 93-degree vertical range to cover 360 degrees in just 3 seconds. This indoor camera provides 1080p Full HD video and crystal clear audio. It also comes enhanced with  night vision features using 6 infrared LED’s that can distinguish 18 shades of gray. It has the capability of providing clear images even in low light areas for up to 30 feet.

The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera also features a Pan Scan mode that can automatically scan a room based on 4 custom waypoints. It also features motion tracking that detects, tags, and follows motion within the sensor’s field of view. It provides notification via alerts sent to your phone when it detects motion or sound within its covered area. Other features that come with the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera include 2-way audio, a 14-day cloud storage of video footage, and a microSD card slot for internal storage and recording and time lapse. This indoor camera also works with Alexa, accepting voice commands to direct where to take footage when needed. The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Indoor HD Camera is now available at Amazon for around $38.

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