The O5-T May Just Be The Only Shirt You Need

T-shirts nowadays become the common all-day wear for most people. They are comfortable, light, and easy-to-wear. But the common t-shirts out there are not made to be the same. Some work well and some don’t. But most are not as multi-functional for different types of situations as most people would want. But that would be about to change with the introduction of the O5-T.

The O5-T is not your typical t-shirt. Although it may look like one of those fashionable wear, it is designed to stand above the others. You can consider it as an all-purpose t-shirt that can do it all.

The O5-T works as well when you wear it to the gym or as part of your office-friendly attire. It is made up of a blend of special Dri-release and S.Cafe fabrics. This makes it ideal for gym wear because it dries quickly and is cool to wear. It is also odor-free, thanks to the odor-repelling properties of the special fabric used. Its cotton-like texture makes it great comfort wear during the day or even at night, whether you are at the office, the gym, or at home.

The fabric used for the O5-T comes with a layer of stain-proof nano-coating. This makes it able to resist different types of stains, which can easily ruin most typical shirts. It even offers UV protection so you do not easily get sunburned staying too long out in the sun. The t-shirt is also designed to last a long time, making it practically the only shirt you will need.  


  The O5-T is currently under a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A $50 pledge can get you one t-shirt with the color, size, and type of your own choosing. It is expected to be available sometime in October of this year once the crowdfunding campaign succeeds.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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