Apple Watch 6 Coming Out This Fall?

The smart watch is slowly getting more and more traction as a popular wearable device among consumers. While initially used as a fitness device, it certainly has a lot of potential when it comes to future features. And when its an Apple smart watch, then it gets a lot more attention from its market of consumers. The announcement of the new Apple Watch 6 certainly did just that.

The rumors of the new Apple Watch 6 have recently been making rounds. And along with these rumors are notes of certain features and improvements that people may expect from the new Apple smart watch. One of them involves the Digital Crown. Rumors say that the physical button on the side of the current Apple Watch may be replaced by an optical sensor. This will make the design of the new Apple Watch 6 slimmer and more streamlined without the protruding physical button. It will also help prevent accidental inputs while doing other things.

Another rumored feature for the new Apple Watch 6 could switch from having an OLED to a microLED display. Aside from having a slimmer watch using the microLED technology, the watch can become more power efficient. Another rumored feature will be a better battery life for the new watch. By way of the new Watch OS 7, another added feature to watch out for on the Apple Watch 6 is for blood oxygen monitoring or SpO2 monitoring. This measures the oxygen saturation of the blood where the watch will alert the wearer in case blood oxygen drops below a certain concentration.  

These features are still considered as rumors. It may or may not be included in what the Apple Watch 6 will eventually include. There might also other features which may still remain unknown and that only Apple can reveal. So the only way most people will know about it would be when the new Apple smart watch comes out sometime this fall.

Image Source:    Youtube

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