Comet Smart Nightstand with Cooler

Comet is a modern minimalist and smart nightstand made for connected homes.

This innovative nightstand integrates wireless charging, an internal cooler, and smart home control to help you make your life easier.

Comet allows you to control everything from your home with the smart home control interface. You can control room temperature, curtains, speakers, lights, and locks without leaving your bed.

This nightstand has the entire surface that acts as Qi wireless charging for all your devices without any wires.

Comet Nightstands are equipped with an internal cooler. The nightstand come also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker sound system, and motion-activated ambient lighting in the base. The motion sensors detect your feet in low-light conditions and activate lighting to guide your way.

Available for pre-order on Indiegogo, the Comet Smart Nightstand comes in 24″ x 14″ and 36″ 18″ sizes. Both are available in white.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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