Asics Runners Face Cover

Getting fit can be challenging in the time of Covid-19. With gyms closed for the moment, people are only allowed to go biking or running outdoors to stay fit. But then again, the risks are there if people do not wear a face mask. And face masks are known to affect breathing for those who run to stay fit. But that shouldn’t be a problem with the new Asics Runners Face Cover.

The Asics Runners Face Cover is an effective specially designed for runners who usually complain about breathing difficulties of going out for a run with the usual face mask on.  The Asics Runners Face Cover is made out of material that helps the fabric to easily dry off when wet. This makes it easier for runners to breathe easily while using the mask even as they sweat buckets when running. The design helps prevent the spread of droplets by covering the nasal airway without restricting the airflow.

The Asics Runners Face Cover also is designed with strategically placed air holes that increase airflow while preventing saliva from spreading into the open. The mask is adjustable to fit into any face. It is also washable so that it is easier to keep clean after every use. The Asics Runners Face Cover is soon to be available for purchase on their website for 35 UK Pounds or around USD45.

Image Source: Asics

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