The BLUEVER Hello X2 Turns Any Display Into A Touch Screen

Touchscreen displays have become quite a popular feature among many of today’s gadgets. They are now on smartphones and tablets. Although touchscreen displays have not been as popular yet, soon many apps may require that this feature be available. In case you come upon such applications but still have that traditional display on your desktop or laptop, you do not necessarily have to buy a new but costly touchscreen device immediately. You can consider the option of getting the new BLUEVER Hello X2 instead.

The BLUEVER Hello X2 is a unique peripheral that can turn any desktop or laptop static monitor into an interactive touchscreen display. The device is easy to mount on any standard desktop monitor or laptop screen. Once attached, it instantly transforms your monitor into a touchscreen display.

The BLUEVER Hello X2 makes use of a built-in camera and an infrared light emitter to detect and keep track of your finger moving around in front of the monitor. The device then translates the finger movements into accurate and immediate mouse functions with no latency. The device connects via any available USB slot. After a quick calibration, the device is good to go.

The BLUEVER Hello X2 is compatible with any desktop and laptop monitors from 10″ to 27″ in size. It is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A pledge of $69 will get you the early bird version of the product. Once it comes out sometime in October of this year, it will then be expected to retail for around $100 each.

Image Source: Kickstarter 

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