Sony Plans on Making Tablets


Although the Apple iPad is not yet on the shelves, other manufacturers have been dead set in giving Steve Jobs a run for his tablet money.  Take Sony , for instance.

In a recent news conference, Chief Financial Officer Noboyuki Oneda said the company is “very interested” in dipping its feet into the tablet market, adding that they are “confident (that they) have the skills to create a product.”

Although admitting that the company is “a little behind the iPad” time-wise, Sony is determined to be an active player in the tablet industry.  The company is no stranger when it comes to touchscreen devices as seen through its Walkman X1000 , but creating a large touch-based device could be a challenge.

But we think Sony could pull it off.  After all, they created the Sony Reader Daily Edition .  Perhaps they would develop a giant version of it, only with a colored screen this time.

Source:  Electronista

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