New Samsung E-Book Reader Comes Close to Kindle

Samsung E61 ebook reader

Samsung has been serious about entering the flourishing e-book reader market.  After coming up with two models introduced at this year’s CES, the E6 and E101 will have to share the limelight with its newest addition, the E61.

The stand-out features of the E61 are its physical QWERTY keyboard, similar to the Kindle by Amazon, as well as its 6-inch screen with 600 x 800 resolution.  It also has similar features with the E6 and E101, such as handwriting capabilities, non-backlit screen (making it less straining to the eyes), Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options, and a removable battery.

We presume that the Samsung E61 e-book reader will arrive at store shelves by early 2010, much like its two cousins.

Source:  PC Professionale

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