Apple Considers Original iPhone Obsolete

Speaking of obsolete, an Apple-dedicated blog has reported that the original iPhone is reportedly on its way of joining the ranks of the Walkman, the Zune, and the pager–extinction.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple reportedly sent out an internal document to its suppliers and support partners. The said document lists down what the company no longer considers current or recent devices as of June 11, 2013, which included the original iPhone. Other “obsolete” Apple devices indicated in the list include several older iMacs, MacBook Pros, Xserves, and PowerBooks.

The document also states that these listed products, including the original iPhone, cannot be repaired or receive replacement parts. The only exception is if the old device is owned by a resident in California because they are required by state laws to get service and parts for their old devices through the Apple retail stores. As for the rest of us, though luck. Apple also notes that these “vintage” products like the original iPhone cannot be serviced as mail-in repairs to AppleCare.

Such a procedure is pretty much standard for Apple. In fact, some of the other products in the list are older than the original iPhone. So if you still have that really, really old iPhone, you probably have tremendous tolerance for its outdated software and slow hardware. Perhaps you need an upgrade, an iPhone 5 perhaps?

Source: 9to5Mac, via Ars Technica

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