Samsung Ballie

The new generation of robots are slowly becoming more and more advanced. Not only that, these robots are also getting even smaller as well as more intelligent. Thanks to advanced AI technology, more and more robots are slowly evolving into social creatures, so to speak, that can interact with people more and more. One such robot is the new Samsung Ballie.

Looking into the Samsung Ballie, people may not recognize an advanced robot at once. Its design as a small rolling grooved ball may not show the technology hidden within. According to a press release, this concept behind the Samsung Ballie is to develop a robot that can be a person’s life companion. This small ball-shaped robot may be patterned from the BB-8 robot from Star Wars. Discovering its many features may come as a surprise to people bacause it is just around the size of a tennis ball.

The new Samsung Ballie comes with advanced AI technology that give it the ability to act on its own. It recognizes its owner and can follow it wherever he or she goes. But at the same time, it also gives people that little personal space they want and not intrude too much, unless commanded to. But that is not all that the Samsung Ballie can do.

The Samsung Ballie can interact with the other smart gadgets at home. It can act as both the caretaker as well as the security personnel of the modern smart home. The Samsung Ballie is basically that smart assistant that you may want to have around. It can switch the smart lights on or off for you. When it senses dirt on the floor, Ballie can activate that smart robot vacuum. It can even help entertain your pet dog when you are away. The ultimate aim of the Samsung Ballie and its AI is to predict what you want it to do before you even ask.  While most of today’s smart assistants may not yet be that smart, this might be the step in the right direction for the future of AI.

While Samsung may have introduced Ballie to the public on this year’s CES, there’s no word yet if it will be launched. The company have also introduced other smart robots during last year’s CES. But the company said that it was just for research. But when these robots finally work together and with the Samsung Ballie leading them, it will surely be the promising picture of what the future smart home will be like.

Image Source: Samsung

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