ScanMarker Digital Highlighter

Technology has made it possible for many mundane tasks are more convenient to do. Such tasks as note-taking may be a hassle for many people, notably students as well as journalists and researchers. Finding a way to make note-taking easier will surely be a godsend for these people. Now, they have an option with the new ScanMarker Digital Highlighter.

The ScanMarker Digital Highlighter is a unique pen-sized device that allows users to digitize text. It makes use of cutting-edge patented scanning technology to make the digitizing text even more convenient.

All users have to do is slide the pen into a line of text and the device will then digitize it automatically and appear on your computer screen. It is very accurate and fast, making it very convenient for students and professionals to use in making outlines and reports.

TheĀ  ScanMarker Digital Highlighter is portable and easy to use. Not only does it scan text. It is also able to audibly read the words it scans, thanks to its read-aloud feature.

This feature becomes an effective tool for people suffering from dyslexia and other similar disabilities. It also has a translation feature that can help users master up to 50 plus languages. It can also act as an effective barcode reader.

The ScanMarker Digital Highlighter is available on Amazon for around $79.

Image Source: Amazon

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