Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Smartphone

Smartphones today have come a long way as simply a gadget to make phone calls. People now use it for many more things than ever before. In fact, it has become the gadget of choice for most people today. It is no wonder therefore that many manufacturers try to outdo each other with making what could be the next big thing in smartphones. It does not matter whether it might be in terms of design, specs, or features, just as long as it stands out from the rest. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone may be just one of those smartphones that fit the bill.

The new Samsung Z Flip smartphone is one of the recent mobile phones to come out with a folding screen. It is actually not the first folding screen smartphone that Samsung has launched. Their first one, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, came with issues with the folding screen and durability. But Samsung has learned from the experience and applied the lessons with their design of the new Samsung Z Flip.

The Samsung Z Flip folding smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It also features 12MP wide and ultrawide cameras at the back of the phone and a 10MP front camera.

But the more interesting feature of the Samsung Z Flip is its 6.7-inch flexible Super AMOLED display. The screen is elegantly covered in fully flexible glass, unlike the plastic screen used in the previous Samsung Fold. The phone folds in half when not used for a more portable storage profile. When folded at 90 degrees, the display automatically converts into a dual screen with its Multi Active Window mode. With all its unique features, what may be a concern for some people is the price, considering its not-so advanced specs compared to current Samsung Galaxy models. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is expected to cost around $1,380 when it comes out.

Image Source: Samsung

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