Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug

Enjoying a favorite cup of coffee or tea has a limited time duration. You drink it while it is still hot to fully appreciate its taste. But once it turns cold, it may not be as delicious. If you wish to enjoy your beverage longer, you might need to reheat it or prepare a new cup entirely. With the Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug, you can enjoy your hot beverage for a whole while longer.

The Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug aims to keep your favorite beverage for a little longer than usual. This smart mug comes with a built-in heater that can maintain the heat of your favorite beverage for up to 1.5 hours on its own. You can even enjoy it all day if you use it together with the redesigned charging coaster.

The smart mug can also be controlled via a smartphone using the accompanying Ember app in order to customize presets, set the desired temperature as well as send notifications to you via smartphone if your drink is ready.

The Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug comes with a LED indicator just below the base to let you know when your drink is ready, when it is on, and when it is at sleep. The mug also senses when to turn on or off. It goes into sleep mode when it is empty and turns on when it senses movement or when it contains liquid.

The Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug is safe to hand wash. It is rated IPX7 that makes it submersible in water up to 1-meter deep. It is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant ceramic coating for added durability and insulation. The Ember 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug is available on Ember for around $100.

Image Source: Ember

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