Furbo Dog Camera

It is fun to live with pets around. A pet dog can be a dependable companion to have around. Dogs are very sociable creatures that crave attention. And because of this, pet owners will need to ensure that their pet dogs get the amount of attention they need. But with most people always busy with work, this may not always be possible. You can always have the option to use the Furbo Dog Camera as an alternative.   

Furbo Dog Camera is a monitoring camera designed to keep your dog feel like you are virtually there even when you’re not. It is a normal day-to-day occurrence that people need to go out of the home for work and other stuff. It is unfortunate that they have to leave their pet dogs behind. But thanks to the Furbo Dog Camera, pet owners can check with their dogs at home in real-time.

The Furbo Dog Camera allows users to see, talk, and even give out treats to their pet dogs even when they are away. It is an essential interaction that pets need to avoid feeling lonely. It comes with a 1080p Full HD camera so you can get a clear view of your pet. It also features night vision so that checking up on your pet in the darkness won’t be a problem.

Furbo Dog Camera is also offers 2-way audio with a barking sensor. When the Furbo detects some barking, it pushes notification into the pet owner’s phone using the Furbo app. One can then check the camera via the smartphone and interact with the dog via the mic. Through the app, pet owners can even toss some treats or play a game of catch with their pets. The Furbo Dog Camera is an ideal device to have at home to ensure that pet owners can still check up or interact with their pets even when they are away.

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