AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Making your own garden usually means having enough space for planting. But in most urban areas with limited living spaces, this can be a problem. Thanks to modern technology, you can now make a miniature garden even inside a home with limited space. If you wish to have your own garden of herbs and similar plants, you might like having the AeroGarden Harvest Elite at home.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a modern home garden system that will enable you to grow your own herbs. This system also comes with its own seed kit of herbs that you can plant in six pods. It also comes with a 3oz bottle containing a mixture of patented, all-natural plant nutrients for a full season’s worth of nourishment. Additionally, the plants are grown on a hydroponics system, meaning there is no need for soil.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite and the method used to allow plants to grow 5 times faster compared to those planted in soil. This garden system comes equipped with sensors and a control panel that monitors if the plants need water or when you need to add the bottled plant nutrients. It also comes with LED grow lights that help promote growth. This optimal lighting stimulates the plants to maximize photosynthesis in rapid natural growth.

The herbs can grow up to 12 inches tall inside the AeroGarden Harvest Elite. Using it, you will be able to grow your own fresh herbs and even veggies all year round in an indoor setting. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite comes in a real stainless steel finish and in four colors. It is available on the AeroGarden site for around $135.

Image Source: AeroGarden

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