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With the ongoing pandemic, people have relied more than ever on virtual ways of communication. With people staying at home both for work and for safety, the important of video chat apps have increasingly grown. People have now grown accustomed to communicating through their smartphones or other portable devices using video chat apps. And for those who are just getting into this, here are the top video chat apps people now commonly use.

FaceTime For iPhone Users

While FaceTime may not be the first video chat app to get into the market, it certainly hold the distinction for being the first app to bring video chatting on to the mobile platform. This app is for iOS users as it is built into every iPhone, iPad, and even Mac. It offers a number of features such as support for up to 32 participants on a video call, option to make voice calls, and fun features such as sending Animojis, Memojis, and stickers. And with the app on iOS devices, you can set up video chats with many iOS device owners, which is a lot.

Google Duo For Android Users

Google Duo is the equivalent of FaceTime for Android users. Before this app, it was a challenge to have Android users set up video chatting since there wasn’t a single app for Android users to do just that. With the Google Duo app now available for most Android phones, it is more convenient for Android phone users to use a common app for video chatting. It is very easy to use and also allows users to record and send video messages to family and friends. 

Facebook Messenger For Cross Platforms  

For those across different platforms, the Facebook Messenger app provides the means to connect Android and iOS users as well as those on the web. This app comes together with Facebook so you need not download it. As long as you have a Facebook account, you don’t have to worry how to connect with people, whether they may be using Android or iOS devices as well those who connect via the web. Users can send chat messages even while video chatting. The app can also support up to 50 people on a video call.   

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