Best Apps For Video Chatting

Online interaction today has grown to be more popular than ever before. Not only can people communicate via text messages, they can now do it conveniently on video. Online video communication has made it easier for people to come together even when they are vast oceans apart. There are now a number of video chatting apps available designed for a various types of online interaction. Here is a list of the best ones available.

Zoom Meeting For Video Conferencing

This is a relatively new app that has recently become quite popular due to the pandemic. With many people ending up working from home, Zoom Meeting became the video chat app of choice for online video conferencing.

Zoom Meeting comes with a free as well as a paid option. The free option can support up to 100 participants with sessions between three or more individuals limited to 40 minutes. A paid option will lift up that time restriction.

Discord For Gamers

Discord is a popular video chat app for many online gamers. While many gamers use discord when video streaming online games to their audience, it can also be useful for video chatting or calling. The free option allows for up to 10 people to join in on a video call. When video streaming, the app can support up to 50 people at a time. But these restrictions can be lifted when using the paid options available.

Skype For Use In Multiple Platforms

With people using a variety of different devices running on different systems, it can be a challenge to sometimes use a video chat app that can support these multiple platforms. Among those that are available in the market, Skype may offer the best option for video communication across different platforms.

Aside from being an app, Skype also has a browser client that allows people to use it on virtually any computer or smartphone connected to the Web. Not only that, Skype also has the option of communicating with those who may not have the device for it or only has landlines or basic cellphones available. Skype supports international calling as well as text messaging to contact people who are not on Skype. As a video chat app, Skype can support up to 50 participants on the free option. That is more than enough for most people who frequently use video chat for work or just for catching up with friends.  

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