The Jeep E-Bike For All-Terrain Travel

Electric bikes have recently become a more popular option to move around short distances. They offer a more environmental friendly mode of transport this is also not as tiring. Most e-bikes today offer more than what people think a typical e-bike may be. One example is the Jeep E-Bike.

The Jeep E-Bike does more than what people may expect from it. While most e-bikes today are designed for paved roads and smooth bike lanes usually found in typical urban settings, the Jeep E-Bike is of a different kind. It is inspired by the off-road capability of the Jeep line of SUV’s, making it an electric by ready for any type of terrain.    

The Jeep E-Bike comes with a 750-watt motor that can provide up to 160NM of torque. Its integrated 48-volt, 14.5AH battery provides the power that allows the bike to go up to 40 miles on a single charge. The bike also comes with a 9-speed drivetrain that provides the rider some options when climbing steep inclines. Its 4-piston brake system provides better stopping control when going down steep inclines. The Fire-Link suspension system provides improved traction and comfort.

The Jeep E-Bike uses some of the largest fat tires in the market. This allows it to tackle a wide range of technical, off-road terrain, including soft sand and snow, hardpack trails and even rocky inclines. It is also built to bear up to 300 pounds of load, making it ideal for carrying and transporting heavy gear. With this kind of electric bike, you will get something similar to a work horse. It does heavy duty tasks in rough and heavy duty terrain. It is certainly not the typical electric bike that most people know of. The Jeep E-Bike is available at QuietKat for around $6,700.

Image Source: QuietKat

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