Tatamel Folding E-Bike

Going around in a city can be a hassle for a lot of commuters. Owning a car by itself can be a headache since you need to consider a garage, parking space, and the maintenance costs when you use it. Others prefer going on a bike or scooter. It gives the riders the convenience of moving around the city without worrying about traffic or looking for parking spaces. The only problem some people may have is finding more convenient ways to store this portable means of urban transportation. Thanks to creativity and innovation, designers can come up with something like the Tatamel Folding E-Bike.

The Tatamel Folding E-Bike is a unique electric bike concept ideal for working commuting people. It is the ideal e-bike to use especially in cramped urban areas. What makes this electric bike unique is through its design. You can say that it is an ultra-compact e-bike that folds small enough to store practically just anywhere. The designer has envisioned an electric bike that users can park freely anywhere. It follows a folded design that is no bigger than a typical desktop CPU cabinet. This makes it able to fit into any available cramped space for safekeeping when not in use. Office workers can fit it under their office tables while they work. It is also ideal for people who wish to start a delivery service. The Tatamel Folding E-Bike can take advantage of any free parking spaces where other e-bikes can’t fit in.

The Tatamel Folding E-Bike does not leave out riding in comfort due to its ultra-compact design. Both wheels connect into shock absorbers to ensure that the ride is smoother even on rough roads. It also comes with a larger than usual battery not only to provide the power for the bikes electric motor.

The bigger battery can also function as an emergency power source to recharge smartphones and other gadgets when the need arises. The bike is also equipped with removable side panels that users can customize to make their Tatamel Folding E-Bike a more personalized form of urban transport.

The Tatamel Folding E-Bike is currently on its prototype stage at this point. Further improvements may still be forthcoming to ensure that the ultra-compact electric bike is ideal for mass production. But based on its design concept, it is certainly an electric bike that will interest some people into getting one someday.

Image Source: Yanko Design         

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