Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack

Traveling nowadays has become more complicated due to security concerns. For convenience, many travelers rely on a backpack whenever they prefer to travel light. With options like the Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack, light travel will even be made more convenient.  

The Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack is designed for the tech-savvy traveler. It contains a number of features that make it a more ideal travel carry-on. This backpack comes with a weather-resistant base that protects your stored possessions from the elements.

It also comes with extra-large pockets with a water-resistant coating for protecting gadgets, chargers, and toiletries. The main compartment comes with a SafePort Sling that protects your laptop in cases of accidental drops.  There is also a file compartment that comes with a convertible floor that can expand in length to accommodate larger documents.  

The Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack can also fit tablets up to 12-inches aside from your laptop. The contoured design adds a level of comfort when being carried. The structured piping and layered design allow the backpack to stand upright for easy access to contents. The Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack is also checkpoint-friendly as it can be laid flat when unzipped for TSA screening.

A great addition to the backpack is the Qi wireless charging cradle built into one of its side pockets. A built-in battery or powerbank can be connected using a standard USB cable. This allows users to store their Qi-compatible gadgets into it all the while charging it whenever they are on the go. There is another pocket that can effectively block RFID signals to protect against possible hackers.

The Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack is a high-tech option for the mobile tech-savvy traveler. It is available at the Targus website for around $200. 

Image Source: Targus 


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