How to Clean Camera Lens

So you already have your digital SLR with you but you’ve noticed that there seem to be some random black spots on your photos whenever you’re viewing them in your PC. There’s only one culprit to that: your lens needs cleaning.

There are a lot of ways for you to be able to clean your lens but only a few safe options are available. You should always try to get a basic lens-cleaning kit so that you will be able to take care of your optics properly. Some of these optic-cleaning materials might look familiar to you but for others, it could be the first time that you’ve seen them.

Gas duster – Some lens cleaning kits will include a multi-purpose, gas-powered duster. This type of multipurpose duster is nonflammable, CFC free, and will not scratch the delicate glass of your lens.

Compressed Carbon Dioxide Duster – Some advanced lens-cleaning kits will have a duster that has much more pressure compared to the normal gas duster mentioned above. These carbon dioxide-based dusters might have a pressure of 300 psi compared to the normal ones which have an approximate pressure of 80 psi.

Cleaning Fluid for Optics – You’ll also find bottles that contain formulations for coated and uncoated glass, plastic, or metal optics. The instructions for using these cleaning fluids tell you to use economical cotton swabs which are used for general cleaning

Foam-tipped swabs – The problem with using cotton swabs is that some cotton hairs might get stuck on your glass while you’re using it, making matters even worse. There are, however, foam-tipped swabs that you can use. They’re basically flexible 6-inch swabs with polypropylene handles which is ideal for cleaning optics in confined areas.

Lens-cleaning Tissues – These are 4×6-inch lint-free tissues which are quite ideal for general optic cleaning. There are other brands that are made out of polyester cellulose. These are reusable and suitable for use in Class-100 clean rooms.

Lens-cleaning cloths  – These are available also for those who do not want to use lens papers or lens-cleaning tissues. These are also nonabrasive and is composed of an ultrafine weave. It also lifts oily films and direct but is also machine washable and durable.

Hemostats – Finally, you have hemostats that hold soft lens tissues firmly. These instruments are preferred cleaning aids for high energy laser optics. One set includes one hemostat with a straight tip and the other with a curved one.

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