Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock

Keeping your things secure starts with having effective locks. From cabinets, closets, drawers, to your treasure boxes, locks help keep what is inside safe from people who do not have the means to open them. If you want to go the high tech route, you can now have the option to use the Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock this time around.

""Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock is a new type of lock that needs a different type of key. It requires the user’s fingerprint. The high tech padlock makes use of secure biometric data in order to provide access to those that matter. It can actually store up to 100 fingerprints, that is, if you have that many people using the same padlock.


The Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock is convenient to use in that it takes just less than a second to open. You only need to press your fingerprint into the sensor and it will automatically open. That is way easier than taking a key out of a bag or pocket and opening an ordinary padlock. Aside from that, the Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock can also be unlocked via Bluetooth through the Tapplock app. Users are also given the option of setting up a personal combination to unlock it using Morse Code.

The Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock also includes added security features like setting up limited access to some users. The padlock can be set up to provide limited access on flexible dates and times. This can help ensure that certain people can only have access to the padlock. Certain access privileges can be revoked as well. The Tapplock can also track and monitor access history and location via the accompanying app. The Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock also comes with a battery life of up to 8 months. It will blink red when the battery power comes at 10 percent or less. It can easily be recharged by using any portable battery pack aside from the usual recharging means. The Tapplock lite Fingerprint Padlock is currently available for pre-order for $39. It is expected to be available by August of this year.

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