Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot

People are no stranger to robots nowadays. In fact, robots have become a common fixture in today’s smart home. Over time, robots will only get better and better. They are slowly becoming more interactive with humans from a social aspect. One example is the new Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot.

Misa might be what you can consider as the robot of the future. It is the type of robot many people expect a robot to be. Misa does a number of typical functions like assist in home automation, provide security, as well as enable better communication in a smart home. But there is more that Misa can do. It can also provide a better form of social interaction with its human companions.

Misa is built to be a social robot. It can interact with different people while providing expression of emotions. It functions as a personal assistant, a patient educator to kids, provide support for seniors and kids, as well as help boost emotional health for family members who might be feeling alone.

Misa comes with a wide range of knowledge base that grows and develops over time. Ask it a question and it will help find the answer for you. It comes with its own drive system and a handful of sensors that help it navigate around the home independently. It comes with advanced technology including artificial and emotional intelligence. With the things it can do, Misa may be the first step towards having a more dependable robot of the future.

You can join their waitlist to get 50% off on the Misa Robot and get updates when they will launch on Indiegogo.

Image Source: MisaRobot

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