Link Smart Dog Collar

Wellness should not just be for people. It also should include your pets. After all, your pet dog can be a dependable companion so it pays to take good care of them. For one thing, pet owners may need to be more aware of what their pet dogs feel. While it may not always be possible to always monitor your pets, you can always have that option of using devices to help out. One of them is the new Link Smart Dog Collar.

The Link Smart Dog Collar is a smart wearable device designed as a monitor for your pet dog’s wellness. It features a GPS locator to help you be aware of your dog’s location. You can set up safe zones via Bluetooth with your smartphone and the base station.

You can receive notifications on your phone to alert you in case your pet dog ventures outside their safe zone. You can even track your pet’s location from your smartphone even while you’re not at home using the Link AKC and a stable cellular connection.  

With the Link Smart Dog Collar, you can also keep track of your pet’s activity to always ensure that your dog gets some much-needed exercise to stay healthy. A 3-axis accelerometer can accurately identify the level of movement or activity your dog gets throughout the day.

This smart dog collar also uses AI can analyze what your pet considers as intense activity and then develops a plan to make sure your dog gets sufficient activity minutes each day based on your dog’s age, breed, size, and even behavior. Pet owners can also get temperature alerts whenever your pet’s current environment may be too hot or too cold.

The Link Smart Dog Collar is both water and impact resistant, makes it ideal for all-weather use. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery that can power up the device for up to 3 days with normal use.

The Link Smart Dog Collar is available on Amazon. Getting info and store pet data through your smartphone and the device via a cellular connection comes with a monthly subscription plan of about $10 per month.  

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