Larq Water Bottle

Clean drinking water has become a bit of a luxury nowadays. You no longer have any assurance that what you are drinking out of the faucet or any other water source is clean. Contaminants and germs may be in it. It helps to have a device that can provide the means to purify water before you drink it. Bringing it along with you anywhere you go is an even better option. The Larq Water Bottle gives you that convenience.

The Larq Water Bottle might just well be the very first portable water purification system and self-cleaning water bottle in the market. It makes use of UV-C LED light to kill up to 99 percent of biological contaminants in water. This unique water bottle can do the just in as little as a minute. Not only that, but the Larq Water Bottle can also perform a self-cleaning function to ensure that your water and the bottle as well remain clean and fresh.

The Larq Water Bottle is an ideal gadget whenever you require readily available clean drinking water wherever you go. You can be assured of always having clean and safe drinking water at just a touch of a button. It is available on the Larq website where you can choose on getting a 17-ounce or 25-ounce bottle for $95 and $118, respectively.

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