Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer

Getting fit during this ongoing pandemic can be very challenging. Those who prefer to go to the gym in order to get fit are the ones most affected. In some areas, getting out of the home has certain limits, reducing your options into staying fit at home. But you can improve the way you can get your fitness right at home. You may consider getting some workout equipment like the Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer.

The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer combines both cardio and strength training programs into a single machine. It features an upright exercise bike along with a boxer punching pad. It provides a total body fitness program for those who wish to stay fit and healthy and cannot get out of the gym. The combination of cardio and strength training provides you with a total workout to help you reduce fat, improve your endurance, as well as build your muscles.

The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer also comes with a number of fitness programs to accommodate your workout needs. The Cycle Boxer comes with 16 resistance levels and 12 punch speed levels and a scoring system that engages and motivates you to do better. The light up punch pad also helps you improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time.   

The intuitive display on the main console provides you with your fitness information. It is the data you need to monitor and keep track of your workout progress. This equipment can also keep track of your heart rate. This is possible via sensors in the chest straps that you wear while using the Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer. It also comes with fully adjustable features that make the Cycle Boxer ideal for any body type and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. The Lifespan Fitness Cycle Boxer is available on Amazon for around $1,499.

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