GigaDrive, The World’s Fastest External SSD

The world today is seemingly being driven by data, more and more of it measured in digital bits. From storing to sharing data, more and more people seem to look for what’s larger and faster. True enough, many gadgets today aim to be just that. When it comes to fast transfers, one that fits into this category at present is the new GigaDrive portable external SSD.

The GigaDrive portable external SSD may be something of a unique piece of portable storage. It gives users the ability to share or transfer data at faster speeds. In fact, it may be the world’s fastest external SSD in terms of transfer speed. Connecting with the GigaDrive is via a Thunderbolt 4 or a USB4 cable. This connectivity allows it to achieve stable read and write speeds of up to 2,800 mbps. This is about 18 times the speed of a normal HDD. With such speed, it is possible to back up huge amounts of data from different devices in a matter of seconds.

With faster transfer speeds, external drives tend to overheat. The heat buildup can also affect transfer speeds and can even damage the device. That is why the GigaDrive is designed to reduce the amount of heat generated during file transfers. The built-in DRAM cache chip helps pre-process file transfers so it can copy them simultaneously and more efficiently. The GigaDrive also comes with a proprietary aluminum shell design that helps dissipate the heat and ensures that the device doesn’t get too hot.

Aside from being faster and cooler, the GigaDrive is also built to be tough. It comes with an IP67 rating which gives it 100 percent protection from dust and sand. The rugged design also provides the GigaDrive protection against the effects of immersion in water 3 feet deep for up to a period of 30 minutes.

With all the features of the GigaDrive, it can be quite surprising that it is as compact and portable as it is. This external SSD can fit right into the palm of your hand and weighs only 74 grams. The futuristic and cool design factor adds more to the appeal of this incredible piece of portable storage device. The GigaDrive is currently conducting a successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. It is available for pre-order at around US$155 for the 1TB version, US$223 for the 2TB version and around US$369 for the 4TB version.  It is expected to ship at around July of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo    

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