BeoSpeed Electric Scooter

There are some gadget concepts that we encounter that can be quite eye-catching. It comes as a visual treat that usually makes us wish that something like it is already available commercially. Unfortunately, there are such concepts that come and come and go with sustainability never coming into fruition. The BeoSpeed Electric Scooter is just one of them.

The BeoSpeed Electric Scooter is a quite visually appealing, just like most design concepts out there.  Designed by Luca Martini, the BeoSpeed Electric Scooter aims to embrace the design influences of Bang & Olufsen, known more for creating high-end audio products with a minimalistic approach. The BeoSpeed Electric Scooter is the designer’s interpretation of how a B&O scooter may look like. And boy, how the design concept really stands out.

The style and elegance of the design lies on its minimalist aesthetics. Simple and sleek lines make up the scooter’s profile. What comes out is a classic yet futuristic looking design, most especially its hubless wheels. The LED lighting on the wheels gives it a look with Tron-like appeal. Going the electric drivetrain route would surely make the scooter more appealing to the hip eco-friendly crowd.

The BeoSpeed Electric Scooter concept is a combination of a modern elegant design with eco-friendly features. Its silhouette still gives it that typical scooter look with that futuristic touch. Unfortunately, the BeoSpeed Electric Scooter remains to be a concept proposal. There is no word yet of its mechanical or technical specifications from its designer. But based on its design alone, the BeoSpeed will surely attract a great number electric scooter aficionados out there.   

Image Source: Luka Martini    

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