Whipr Portable 3-in-1 Paddle, Ski & Rowing Machine

Whipr is a portable 3-in-1 base unit for use as stand up paddle, cross country ski, and rowing machine.

The Whipr base unit is a mini version of the rowing machine. The Whipr base unit has the pull cord, a digital screen, and the inflate and deflate buttons for the inbuilt anchor.

Each exercise uses the same Whipr base unit and is enabled by the use of accessories also offer by Whipr.

Rowing attachment

Ski attachment

Whipr is small and fits everywhere. Whipr is great for travel as it packs easily in your carry on bag and is permitted to fly on airplanes. 

  • Size =  6.2″x6″x6″ (16cm) 
  • Weight = 6.7lbs (2.7kg) (Production model will be lighter) 
  • Pull cord length = 10 ft (3m)

Currently Whipr has three main exercises: stand up paddling, cross country skiing, rowing. The Company also working on attachments for dual base units that include surfing, swimming and kayaking.

Actually, the Whipr base unit and accessories are available at Kickstarter and will start to ship orders on February 2021

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