Top Lighting For Beginner Vloggers

Vlogging has become a popular venue for people to inform, teach and entertain online audiences. YouTube has risen as the primary outlet for vloggers to create their content. More and more of them are trying to improve the quality of production as a way to gain more subscribers. One of the important aspects in making better quality content is lighting.

Here are some of the types of lighting methods being used today.

Ring Lighting

Ring lights have become a popular lighting option for many YouTubers since it is portable and easy to set up. It is the choice lighting for those who create beauty and make-up or up close and personal types of video content. The ring light enables equal lighting of a subject’s face, effective in eliminating shadows using only a single light source. It also creates a “halo” catchlight in a subject’s eyes for a more unique effect.

This Mactrem 6-inch LED Ring light from Amazon offers 3 light modes at 11 brightness levels. It costs only around $26, making it an ideal choice for YouTubers.

Umbrella Lighting

If softer lighting is a vlogger’s preference, then the option would be to use some umbrella lights. Aside from soft lighting, umbrella lights also provide more controlled and directional lighting. They are also portable since they can be folded like regular umbrellas when not in use. Umbrella lights can provide that polished effect in videos.

The LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio 660W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit is a good example. It is available on Amazon for around $62.

Softbox Lighting

Softbox lights are so-called because of a box with a reflective material inside and a diffusion panel up front that is usually built around a light source. It aims to imitate the natural lighting that may be coming from a window. The broad light coverage that it offers is great for softening shadows. It is ideal for use in frontal lighting. It is also perfect for emulating natural lighting when recording videos indoors.

The MOUNTDOG Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit is an affordable option available on Amazon for around $50.

Camera-Mounted LED Lights    

For those who create vlog content while mobile, a camera-mounted LED light may be the ideal option. It provides a readily available even light source with zero “hot spots”. Hundreds of bright LED light bulbs help to provide a stable light source in such a small form factor.

This LimoStudio 176-piece DSLR Camera-mounted LED Light is a good choice for its portability and affordability. It is available on Amazon for around. $40.

Image Sources: Amazon

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