Top Apps For Boosting Your Child’s Skills

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a disruption into normal day-to-day living. This includes a lot of kids. Aside from lockdowns preventing most kids from playing outdoors most of the time, their normal schooling has also been affected. Many parents would want to find ways to keep their kids make more productive use of their time. This can include having them brush up on their learning skills. For those who need to take care of kids just a year or two from starting school the past year, here are the top learning apps that will help boost up their skill during the pandemic.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy has long been offering many educational content and courses for people of different ages. Now, they also have an app available that caters to kids from age two to seven. They teach kids about numbers, simple math, letters, early reading, logic as well as storytelling. The content they provide for the kids are both a balance of structured activities as well as creative ones. What’s more, the app offers the content free for kids to use, making it an ideal source for educational content to boost your kid’s learning skills.

DragonBox Numbers

If you wish to improve your kid’s skills at numbers, then you may consider using the DragonBox Numbers app. This fun and playful app introduces kids to the world of numbers through colorful characters called “Nooms”. Kids learn through the concepts of basic arithmetic through fun puzzles and challenges. It is easier for kids to learn the concepts and improve their math skills when they have fun doing it. One thing to bear in mind that it is a paid app available for Android, iOS, as well as for the Kindle Fire.

Epic!-Kids’ Books and Videos

If you see your kid showing an interest in reading, then the Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos app can help them enhance the skill while at home. You can consider this app as an online library that caters to kids. This app contains over 25,000 high-quality books ideal for reading at multiple levels. Access to the full library comes with a monthly subscription.   

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