The Pix Backpack Comes With Unique Creative Visuals

You might consider the common backpack as simply an ordinary item you use on a daily basis. You always prefer it for its functional purpose of carrying your things wherever you go that a pair of hands alone can’t. But it does not hurt using the backpack as a part of your fashion statement for the day. There are many creative ways that backpacks today aim to capture attention. The Pix Backpack does it in an entirely unique way.

The Pix Backpack combines both function and creative visuals in a very unique setting. Its functional design makes it capable of carrying a lot of stuff. It has a spacious 27L storage volume that can even fit a 15-inch laptop. There are also 10 different compartments inside that you can use to organize your different things for convenient access. The bag itself is made out of a durable and water repellent material that makes it ideal for use in any type of weather.

But what makes the Pix Backpack quite unique is that it comes with a built-in LED display that you can use in a variety of fun and creative ways. You can sync the LED display with your IOS or Android smartphone. Once that’s done, you can use the LED screen to display pixel art that you’ve created. You can draw your own images and even create animations and graphics you like to display on your backpack using the Pix Backpack app. You can even play a game of Tetris on it.

If you are more into added function, you can use the LED screen on the Pix Backpack to display widgets from your smartphone. If you wish, you can use it to display time.  You can also use the bright LED screen as some sort of a hazard signal to keep you more visible during night time. The Pix Backpack is unique for just being a typical backpack. It is something you would wish to have if you like to be cool or have something you wish to express as part of your fashion statement. It is now available at their online store for $259, power bank not included.

Image Source: Pix Style

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