The Opte Precision Skincare System

There are certain products out there that most people are accustomed to using. There are also others that provide some unique features quite unlike what may be considered as customary. These devices have continuously captured the imagination of a lot of people. One such example is the new Opte Precision Skincare System.

The Opte Precision Skincare System is a unique and modern way to personally take care of your skin. Technicality, the Opte may be considered as a type of printer.  But this handheld printer does not print images or pictures. The Opte works to take care of your skin in a unique but effective way.

The way that the Opte Precision Skincare System works is quite simple. The handheld printer comes with a tiny camera that can scan your face and skin. It then looks for any kind of dark spots such as freckles, hyperpigmentation, and even scars. In addition to the camera, the device also makes use of blue LED lights that allow it to detect tiny spots on the skin that the human eye might miss.

Once it detects a dark spot on the skin, the Opte Precision Skincare System then uses 120 thermal inkjet nozzles to spray tiny droplets of facial serum with pigment into the skin. This effectively treats and covers the dark spot. With the Opte, skin treatment is done on a targeted area instead of simply covering the entire area of your face with a particular skincare product. This prevents product wastage and the precise type of treatment the Opte provides ensures that skin products treat the area that really needs the treatment. This unique type of skincare treatment is expected to be available sometime in the summer of next year.

Opte Precision Skincare System is expected to go for around $600. Prefilled cartridges used along with the Opte such as makeup, moisturizer, and serum will be available separately for around $100.

Image Source: OpteSkin

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