The Airable Mask And Its Air Curtain

With the pandemic still ongoing and with no end yet in sight, people are still on edge when it comes to their safety. This has led to a lot of new protective measures put in place in order to battle the spread. From face masks, face shields, and others, people are willing to try out different things just to ensure their personal protection. The Airable mask concept may just be one thing people may consider for their own personal protection and safety from the virus.

The Airable face mask concept tries to add into the different options people may use to keep this current pandemic In check. The design of the mask may have taken some inspiration from some AR headsets since it looks just like a slimmer version of it. But in the case of the Airable mask concept, it aims to create an air curtain to form an invisible barrier between the wearer and the outside air.

The Airable features air vents on the forehead that point downward. It also comes with a clear plastic visor that prevents the gust of air created from directly blowing into the eyes of the wearer. In theory, this will create an air curtain as a protective barrier in front of the wearer’s face. That way, external air and other particles such as viruses cannot pass through the air curtain while allowing the wearer more breathable space.

It is also possible that the air vents built into the Airable mask can include filters to clean the air that passes through the vents. An added device that ionizes the air may even be possible. This will provide added protection from viruses and even pollutants by keeping the bad air out.

While it may still just be a concept, the Airable may potentially have some viability when it comes to providing protection. One of its benefits is by allowing wearers to breathe filtered air more comfortably, without the discomfort that wearing a typical face mask usually offers. The idea of such a mask may prove quite interesting by offering a unique means of facial protection from viruses. We can only hope if it does get to the prototype stage at this point. But such ideas are always welcome with the pandemic still ongoing.

Image Source: Yanko Design       

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