Sobro Smart Coffee Table

The coffee table is among one the most important piece of furniture in your family room or media room. StoreBound’s Sobro smart table is more than just a simple coffee table.

The Sobro is a smart coffee table designed to support your connected lifestyle. It was designed in NYC by the team at StoreBound, a product innovation company.

The refrigerated drawer keeps up to 32 cans of beer or chills a bottle of wine.
It can also hold fruits and vegetables, bottle of water or wine.

In addition to the refrigerated drawer, there are two separate storage drawers to the right of the cooler drawer. Perfect for storing remotes, Nintendo Switch, XBox or PlayStation controllers.

The 2 bluetooth speakers on each side of the Sobro smart coffee table deliver enhanced sound and bass.

Power up with 2 USB charging ports and 4 power outlets that allow you to keep phone, tablets or computer fully charged. Plus, when you’re done, the cords roll up neatly out of sight in the storage drawers

Perhaps one of the nice features of this table is the LED lights. If you’re using the coffee table in a dark media room, the light can be useful to find your device.
The tempered glass top is sleek and strong.

The table has a touch control panel on the tempered glass top for more control – no app required. There’s a lock/unlock button for the control panel, so you don’t have to worry about children changing your setting.

The Sobro smart coffee table comes in white, black, and wood veneers, which may better mesh with your home decor.

Image Source: SobroDesign

Where Can You Buy The Sobro Smart Coffee Table

Amazon Regular price is $1,299

Wayfair Regular price is $1,499. You can get the table for $999 during a sale event

SamClub Regular price is $1,299

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