Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD

Portable and mobile is still the way to go, even during this pandemic. Having gadgets that you can always bring along anywhere at a moment’s notice is now essential for many people. From smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, power banks, and other similar portable devices, people look for the ones that are high performing and yet light and slim for easy carriage. The same goes for external storage devices. For those who wish for a smaller external storage device, the new Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD may be one of the lightest and smallest one out there.

The Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD may be the ultimate portable external storage that you can get. It comes with a high storage capacity that ranges from 512GB up to 2TB. It also takes advantage of the quick performance of a Solid State Drive for better performance. It also makes use of USB 3.1 Gen 2 for faster data transfer speeds. These features make the Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD for users who look for fast data transfers and high-speed back up storage. But that is not just all.

There is more to the Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD that will further appeal to the mobile gadget user. It is quite small, measuring at just 53x26x9 mm. It weighs just 17 grams, despite is high storage capacity. At this compact size, you can easily put it in your front pocket and still feel comfortable moving around with it. The Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD is also shock-proof and water resistant. Its high-grade aluminum casing allows for rigid durability. It is also designed to dissipate the heat produced during operation to ensure stability with prolonged use.

The Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD comes in three models- the 512GB, the 1TB and the 2TB models. They are still available on Kickstarter after conducting a successful crowd funding campaign. They are still available on the Kickstarter website for pre-order- the 512GB for as low as $59, the 1TB for $99, and the 2TB for $159. After it becomes available sometime in November of this year, the Slimio Ultra-Compact Portable SSD 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB models are expected to retail for $99, $149, and $229, respectively.

Image Source: Kickstarter   

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