Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer With Wireless Charging

Disinfection has become quite an important practice in trying to deal with the recent pandemic. From washing your hands and disinfecting your home, trying to maintain a effectively clean environment can help prevent the virus from doing its damage. But a lot of people may have missed out sterilizing some things quite common to them. It is something that may also pose a risk of transmitting the pathogens that you are trying to avoid into your environment. It can be portable gadgets such as your smartphone. But you Don’t need to worry too much about it. There are now many gadgets that will allow you to sterilize your gadgets without breaking them. One of these new gadgets in the market is the new Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charging.

The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer is a gadget that allows you to sterilize your phone and other portable gadgets to make them germ-free. Gadgets like your smartphone may harbor millions of harmful pathogens that can make you sick. You handle it more often than any other gadget you may have. This makes it a potential germ carrier. The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer makes use of UV-C light in order to kill harmful pathogens like E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Candida albicans that can thrive in contaminated gadget surfaces.

The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer can kill up to 99 percent of harmful germs. It can effectively sanitize your gadgets from those invisible threats. All you need to do is place your compromised gadget inside the UV sterilizer for about 10 minutes and then let it do its magic. For a more effective sterilization, you can then flip over your gadget to sterilize the other side. 

The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer also features Qi wireless charging so that you can also charge your device as you sterilize it. The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones that support wireless charging. Users can sterilize a number of different items aside from their usual gadgets. The Samsung UV Sterilizer can also sterilize your eyeglasses, small jewelry and other similar accessories.

There is enough space to accommodate devices for sterilization in its compartment. It can even fit in a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer connects to a power adapter via a USB Type-C port. It weighs just 369 grams, making it convenient to bring along any bag or backpack. You can then sterilize your devices even while on the go to make sure that they always remain germ-free. The Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer is available at the Samsung website for around $79.

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