Quench Sea Saltwater Desalination Device

Clean drinking water is an essential commodity. It is also becoming quite a valuable one as more and more countries are suffering from a serious lack of clean water to drink. Drinking water shortage is slowly becoming a serious problem that will only get worse and worse as time goes by. One possible solution to help address the shortage is by using the new Quench Sea Saltwater Desalination Device.

The Quench Sea Saltwater Desalination Device is a low-cost option to address the lack of drinkable freshwater in areas surrounded by saltwater. It is handheld, lightweight and transportable. This makes it ideal for use in areas where freshwater is an immediate need.

It can filter out saltwater and turn it into freshwater that is safe to drink. It makes use of a triple pre-filtration system to take the salt and other particles from the water. It also makes use of Reverse Osmosis membranes to further filter out the water. A carbon activated filter also removes odors and other impurities as well.

The Quench Sea Saltwater Desalination Device comes with a built-in hydraulic system to pump the saltwater into the filter system and produce freshwater on the other side. This device can provide up to 2 liters of freshwater per hour.

Each filter membrane can purify up to 18,000 liters of water before it needs some low-cost replacement. It is quite efficient for such a small device. The Quench Sea Saltwater Desalination Device is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

It is expected to cost at around USD70 by the time it comes out sometime in June of this year.  

Image Source: Indiegogo     

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