PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Making the home as sanitary as possible takes more than just the usual cleaning. There are harmful pathogens that can lurk in many areas of the home that can still be hidden threats. Many areas and objects in the home can be neglected that they may harbor harmful germs that can cause illnesses. One of the most neglected objects maybe your smartphone. You can now disinfect your phone easily with the help of the new PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer.

Your smartphone is the one gadget that you often use day in and day out. Even with daily use, people often neglect to clean it properly. Over time, a smartphone may harbor harmful pathogens that your eye can’t see. It is even up to 18 times dirtier, containing more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. We can wash our hands but not our smartphones. The PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer can help ensure that your smartphone is always clean from unseen germs. This device uses UVC technology in order to kill germs and bacteria on the surface of your smartphone. The case itself can fit all types of smartphones and most case sizes.

The PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer provides 360-degree disinfection with UVC light bulbs built-in on top and the bottom of the device. It does not use any heat, liquid, or chemicals to disinfect so your smartphone remains safe. The PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer can also act as a power bank. You can sanitize your smartphone while you are charging it. In addition, you can also use the PhoneSoap3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer to sanitize other items like keys, credit cards, and even money. The PhoneSoap 3 is now available for pre-order from their website for around $80. It is expected to ship sometime in June of this year.

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