Nano Garden

Taking care of plants can be a worthwhile hobby.  But it can also take time and effort as well. Generally, gardening can also use up a bit of space. That is why some people who love plants have difficulties following such a hobby because they may not have the time, the needed effort, as well as the space. But that can be addressed with alternative options such as the Nano Garden.

The Nano Garden is designed for people who love to have plants around but do not have the time or the space to really take care of them on a regular basis.  It is a small planter that provides pants with all they need in order to grow. Its base holds the water while the floater inside holds the gardening pod that contains the seeds as well as the growth medium with the other nutrients required by the plant in order to flourish.  It also comes with a height-adjustable full-spectrum light to mimic the sun in order allow the plant to photosynthesize.

The clever design of the Nano Garden allows minimal maintenance of the plant inside it while still providing people with the satisfaction of seeing it grow and flourish. The planter itself waters and aerates the plant for you. The pot becomes the water reservoir with the floating plant pod ensuring that the plant gets all the water it needs. There is no need to worry about forgetting to water the plant while you are away. And as the water level goes down, so does the plant pod. This provides a visual gauge when you may need to refill the water reservoir. It holds enough water that can last for a week or up to a month depending on the plant you are growing.    

The Nano Garden is ideal for people who love plants but do not have the space or time to focus on taking care of them. It is an ideal means to take care of plants indoors where you do have that little space at a table to place it. The Nano Garden basically takes care of the plant for you. You can then take the pleasure of marveling at that small area of growing greenery in your home as a quick escape from the usual stresses of life. It is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for around US$79.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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