Minecraft Mods You Should Try Out

Minecraft is a widely popular world building video game that has captured the imaginations of millions of players from all over. Its appeal comes from the freedom of players to build up a world and craft different tools and items. The only limitation players can have is based on their own creativity and imagination. It also allows players to modify the game in order to create new types of gameplay, assets, and items. There are also Minecraft utility mods that help make the game experience even more exciting. Here are some of the more popular ones.

OptiFine HD

Minecraft may seem like a blocky, graphically basic game visually.  This is why it may not scale that well when you are using slow computers. Machines at the high end level may not also do that much to improve scaling. What can, however, is downloading Optifine. This mod software not only helps Minecraft run fast but also look better. This mod supports HD textures and smooth lighting, along with a doubling of framerate.       

Here Is What You’re Looking At (HWYLA)

When playing Minecraft, you will be faced with using a wide range of blocks or objects when you do your builds. Sometimes, you may not be able to remember what a certain block or object is for, especially if it comes from a recently installed mudpack. Not to worry, you can always download the Here Is What You’re Looking At or HWYLA to help you out. This utility mod shows a tooltip with the name of the block that your cursor is pointing at. It is a simple and yet very useful utility to help you identify objects in the game when you need to. 

Just Enough Items (JEI)

When playing Minecraft, you always need to know the different recipes and combinations to build certain items that are valuable to what you may be building. You may have a difficult time trying to learn new ones for making new items available in new modpacks. The Just Enough Items or JEI utility mod will come in handy in such cases. This utility download for Minecraft will allow you to search for the materials while in the game and will show you all the recipes associated to any particular material. 

Image Source: Amazon, CurseForge

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