Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod

Working from home seems to be the norm for most people in the midst of the pandemic. It may be something that will still catch on even when the pandemic is over in the near future. And since the option to work from home becomes quite an appealing idea, having a home office, free from the usual distractions in any normal home, is a must. The Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod provides that private area for people to work and focus on their tasks.

The Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod is a design concept for hybrid workplaces. It aims to provide a semi-private working space for the usual office worker. It aims to help people focus on tasks free from the noise and distractions around them. You can consider it as an office cubicle of the future for both the office as well as the home. This unique workspace can hold a desktop computer, a large monitor, a desk, and a stool. The space for a large monitor that spans the entire panel within makes it ideal for heavy workloads.

The pod enclosure consists of two halves, where the other panel is removable to allow for collaborative work. When the two halves are together, the Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod provides just the right level of privacy free from the noise of its surroundings. Retractable smaller side panels jut out to create a partially enclosed pod if you need a bit more privacy from prying eyes.

The Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod is a unique take on how the future office work area would look like. It aims to provide a bit of personal privacy for a roomful of employees working together. This office pod concept provides a bit of private personal space. Yet it also offers a way for people to interact with others when needed. It may even work quite well in a work-from-home setting.

The Microsoft Flowspace provides a working space to let you focus on work without totally isolating yourself from loved one on a typical workday. For this beautiful and innovative office concept, the Microsoft Flowspace Office Pod was recognized and given the Red Dot Design Best of the Best Award for 2021.

Image Source: Red Dot             

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